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The conference program in details will be available in end of June, 2022. The following brief schedule is for your reference:




June 24, 2022(Friday)


Check-in and Conference Material Collection

June 25, 2022(Saturday)


Opening Remarks and Keynote Speeches

June 25, 2022(Saturday)



June 25, 2022(Saturday)


Oral Speeches and Poster Presentations

June 25, 2022(Saturday)


Dinner Banquet

June 26, 2022(Sunday)


Academic Visit

Instructions for Presenters

1)The duration of a Keynote Speech is 45 minutes including 40 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A.
2)The duration of an Oral Speech is 25 minutes including 20 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A.
3)Presentation must be carried out using Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF. Laptop/Computer, slide projectors and audio equipment will be provided for the presentation.
4)All speakers will be suggested to send their presentation materials to the conference secretary one month before the conference time. If your sechdule is full at that time, please make sure your presentation will be presented normally in the computer, you can also contact the conference secretary for test before the conference open remarks.

Instructions for Poster

1)The duration of each poster presentation is 5 minutes of brief introduction. The posters will be assigned in the specific conference rooms.
2)At least one author should be present for each poster during the poster session.
3)If you would like to present a poster presentation, you can send your electric poster file by May 24th, 2022 to the conference secretary for free printing, if the time is out, you can also bring the hand-made A1 poster to the conference site.

Instructions for Listener

To show respect to other participants and presenters, please keep your electric devices mute or vibrate during the whole conference.

Dress Code

Please wear formal clothes or national representative of clothing during the conference.

Badge Policy

Access to all activities will be allowed only to people wearing badges.
Considering the personal and property security of all attendees, please keep track of your badge and make sure you bring it before the conference, and please do not borrow to any others or take others into conference area.

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