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Registration type

Registration fee

APC of full papersFREE for all participants

Regular Registration


Group Registration(more than 3)



1) One regular registration with one or more co-authors has only one proceeding book.

3) For each accepted paper, at least one author should register for attending the conference, and present the paper in the assigned session, to deliver an oral presentation or as a poster. The conference organizer and the Publisher reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference, if the paper is not presented at the conference. No refund of the paid fees may be claimed by the no show author.

4) If the authors have, or anticipate, unforeseen circumstances endangering or preventing the presentation, one should notify the conference secretary as soon as possible with the valid proof of the restrictions. Substitute presenters may be possible or, depending on conference resources, other accommodations may be available, such as a remote presentation or pre-recorded video.

Registration Fee Includes

Publish one full paper in ETTL for free

Participation in the technical program



Conference bag and/or conference accessories

Conference document (proceedings book)

Coffee breaks

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